Integrated Dairy Development Project (IDDP)

The vision behind the Integrated Dairy Development Project is to transform dairying into dynamic income-generating enterprise for BPL tribal household of Gujarat. Fourteen ITDP districts have been covered under IDDP. IDDP Project launched during the year 2007-08. The Project aims at creating a unit of at least four animals in each participant's house by the end of the project period so as to make dairying into a viable full time activity. Two of these cattle are to be provided under the project and two cattle are to be developed at the beneficiaries' home through project support in better cattle management and rearing practices.

The project is being implemented by seven district cooperative unions of Gujarat. Apart from the milch cattle, complete packages of support inputs are also provided to the participant under the project. Before 2014 price of cattle was fixed at Rs. 39,400 with subsidy fixed at Rs. 17,400 and remaining Rs. 20,000 was loan. And beneficiary Contribution was- Rs. 2,000/-. But as market prices of milch cattle increased with the passage of time, unit price of cattle increased first to Rs. 54,400 which consists of Rs. 17,400 as subsidy to SCA to TSP and Rs. 15,000/- Government of Gujarat, Rs. 20,000 as loan and remaining is beneficiary contribution. Loan is provided to beneficiaries through GTDC so that beneficiaries have not become depended on other expansive sources of credit.

With the intervention of the project dairy has emerged as a main stay of the tribal people. Beneficiaries are earning Rs. 3,500 to 4,000 per month with dairy activities. IDDP is not only helping the beneficiary families but it is also creating prosperity in the entire area as come out in one of the study that total milk production in Kadana and Santarampurtaluka increased 35% to 40% in a year after the project implementation. Improved dairy infrastructure of the area under the project is the catalytic factor for overall prosperity. Elimination of participant level risks and simplified loan disbursement mechanism is resulting in over 90% recovery of loan instalments.

Several complementary projects have also been introduced and converged with IDDP to make dairying successful which includes Integrated Livestock Development (ILD) project and heifer rearing project.

Thus, IDDP is helping to spread the benefits of the strong milk cooperative network of the state to poor tribal population and helping them to come out of clutches of poverty on one hand and strengthening the dairy infrastructure on the other. Area of Implementation:


  • Banaskantha (Danta, Amirgadh)
  • Sabarkantha (Khedbrahma, Vijaynagar, Poshina)
  • Panchmahal (Ghoghamba)
  • Dahod (Devgadbariya, Zalod, Dahod, Fatepura, Limkheda, Dhanpur, Garbada)
  • Vadodara (Kawant, Chhotaudepur, Naswadi, JetpurPavi, Tilakwada)
  • Narmada (Dediyapada, Saagbara, Nandod, Tilakwada)
  • Bharuch (Waliya, Jhagadiya, Netrang)
  • Surat (Mandvi, Mahua, Umarpada, Mangrol, Bardoli)
  • Tapi (Valod, Vyara, Uchhal, Nizar, Songadh)
  • Navsari (Vansda, Chikhali)
  • Valsad (Kaprada, Dharampur, Umargam, Pardi)
  • Dangs (Ahwa, Subir, Waghai)
  • Aravalli (Bhiloda, Megharaj, Modasa)
  • Mahisagar (Santrampur, Kadana)

Implementing Agencies

  • Baroda District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Ltd
  • Sabarkantha District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Ltd
  • Banaskantha District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Ltd
  • The Panchmahal District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Ltd
  • Sumul District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Ltd
  • Valsad District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Ltd
  • Bharuch District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Ltd

The unit cost of this project is Rs. 54,400/- per beneficiary. The details are mentioned below:

Sr. No. Component Unit Cost Loan from GTDC GOI GOGBeneficiary Contribution
1 Milch cattle 44,400 20,000 10,00012,4002,000
2 Insurance 2,000   2,000  
3 Transportation 1000   1,000  
4 Utensil Kit 1,000   1,000  
5 Cattle feed 1,800   1,800  
6 Cattle Care 1,200   1,200  
7 Training 400   400  
8 Techno Management Cost 5 % of Unit Cost    2,600 
  Total cost 51,800 20,00017,40015,0002,000
  Total Unit Cost 51,800 + 2,600 = 54,400
Integrated Dairy Development Project
1 of Dairy Development Project
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