Governing Body

Secretaries of key departments are members of the Governing Body (GB) of D-SAG.

Members of Governing Body

Sr. No. Designation  
1 Chief Secretary Chairperson
2 Secretary, Tribal Development Dept. Vice Chairperson
3 Secretary, Agriculture & Co-operation Dept. Member
4 Secretary (Economic Affairs), Finance Dept. Member
5 Secretary, NWRWS &Kalpsar Department Member
6 Secretary, Rural Development Department. Member
7 Commissioner, Tribal Development Member

Executive Committee

Sr. No. Designation  
1 Vice Chairman, D-SAG Chairperson
2 Commissioner, Tribal Development Vice Chairman
3 Financial Advisor, Tribal Development Dept. Member
4 Deputy Secretary, Tribal Development Dept. Member
5 Chief Executive Officer, D-SAG Convener
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