Honey Bee Keeping Project


Honey bee Keeping Project was launched during the year 2017-18. The Vision behind the Honey bee keeping Project is to Transform Bee Keeping into income generating activity for tribal household of Gujarat with Scientific ways. The Project aims is creating a number of unit box to each participant in which they are earn at least Rs.10000 to Rs.12000 per Month as to make Honey Keeping activity into a viable income generated activity. The project is being implementing by PPP mode. Apart from the All Equipment’s which is used for Honey Keeping, Complete training and support are also provide by PPP partners.

With the implementation of the project, PPP partner is a key medium for economic improvement of tribal people. Beneficiaries are earning around Rs.10000 to Rs.12000 per Month and Improve Honey bee activity in tribal Area. Thus, Honey bee helping to spread the benefits of forest product to tribal population and improve their socio-economic status. Currently 2296 beneficiaries are benefiting under this project.

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