Integrated Livestock Development Project (ILDP)

Artificial Insemination Centers (A.I.Centers) Under Integrated Livestock Development Project

The project aims to provide breeding, feeding and management services at the door steps of the dairy farmers in the project area. These services will be provided through "Integrated Livestock Development (ILD) Centres". Under this project new A.I. Centers will be developed. Each of these A.I. centers will be operated by a local educated unemployed youth called as "AI worker".

This will provide much needed Artificial Insemination & veterinary support services to all the dairy farmers in the project area. The objective of the project is to provide integrated services in breeding, feeding and animal management, in order to create an appropriate economic and production environment to the dairy holders, who have very poor access to the existing services. Moreover this will help in the internal generation of dairy stock by dairy farmers. This would translate into more milk and more income to the dairy farmers, thus meeting our objective of reducing malnutrition, alleviate poverty and increased employment opportunities to the rural youth as AI workers.

The ILDP has been introduced and converged with IDDP to make dairying successful by breed improvement and Cattle Development Services. Under the ILD project Artificial Insemination (AI) service is provided at the door step of farmers of the tribal area. The good quality crossbred calves born under the ILD project will result in the quality stock of milch cattle of Gujarat state. Therefore AI centres under ILD have been allocated to seven District milk cooperatives Union ltd. of tribal districts of Gujarat.

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